Matrix Jouyou NFT Collection

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Everyone has their Character in a beautiful Matrix made of 2,136 Jouyou and 4 Hyougai kanji, with their own vibrant traits.

Rarity. This corresponds to the school grade the kanji is taught in: 1–6 for primary school kanji (1,026 tokens); S for secondary school kanji (1,110 tokens). H for Hyougai is the highest Rarity so far (4 tokens). Rarity is shown by the color of strokes.

Complexity. This equals to the kanji stroke count. Median Complexity is 20.

Sentiment. This has been assigned to each of the kanji individually based on the combined sentiment of its common meanings, from a set of six basic emotions: Happy, Sad, Anger, Fear, Surprise, and Disgust. They are apportioned approximately as 4:2:2:2:1:1. Around three fourths of the tokens have Neutral Sentiment. Tokens with different Sentiment have different background colors.

A link to purchase will be available in June 2022.